LADIES! Let’s Go from the Boardroom to the Beach!


Why Should You Become a Part of Our Annual Girls Getaways?

Successful, accomplished women are always giving of themselves. We are the mentors, the teachers, the ROCK for everyone else. The Getaways are where we go to Relax and Receive for ourselves! Its our REFUELING station! (I like that!) We are gearing up and ready to dominate the next 12 months until we meet again! Most of us are overworked, under appreciated, lost in our many “hat wearing” lives and we need to get away! We need to get away and be renewed and reminded that we are fully equipped and able to handle all that we are charged to handle. We need to get a grip! It’s amazing to me how many ladies lose themselves as the years go by and we need to get ourselves together and get moving with our dreams and visions!

getaway logo

This year, prepare for an AMAZING experience. We have much more in store for you. Be a part of the amazing group of women made up of entrepreneurs, business professional and leaders who have come together for an motivating weekend that is sure to change their lives and the world. Regardless of your achievements or where you today…The Girls Getaway Experience is a an annual event that will excite, motivate and inspire you to excel far above your current state and into the life you really want.

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