About Us

The Girls Getaway was created in 2011 by Success Builders Network’s CEO, Author and Entrepreneur, Robyn Smith.

She started the Getaway Experience because she believed there were many professional, successful women who were experiencing the same challenges that she once experienced….BURN OUT, LACK OF FULFILLMENT and a simple need to re-connect with who she was and what she knew she could become.

With success-oriented women, it is easy to be fooled by the success, the accomplishments, the “seems to have it altogether” appearance – Successful YES, Happy…not always.  But our time has come!

Robyn has learned how to manage the many roles in her life and has made the decision to be a master of them all!  More importantly, she has committed to her own happiness; a secret to REAL success!

The Getaways are not conferences. They are Getaways! We talk, we laugh, we share, we vacation and we are renewed!

If you are a professional woman, a success-oriented woman, a woman who is tired of hearing surface level talk that, quite frankly, is not on your level, you MUST join us every year for your time of rejuvenation!

We are looking forward to seeing you in Puerto Rico in November 2013!

Visit Robyn at http://www.robyngaskinssmith.com


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