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Please Read our Substitution, Cancellation and Refund Policy

For additional information please contact The Girls Getaway’s Event Planner, Alicia Barmore of Favour Events on (301) 440-9287


12 thoughts on “Register!

      • When is the deadline to bay in full? Also, how many payments for the payment options? Whats the deposit amount?
        Thanks, I am really looking forward to this.

      • Hey Denise!

        The deadline to register is August 31st. Payment plans, if you register this month are divided into equal payments (June, July, Aug, Sept and last payment due October 15th)
        I am excited too! I hope you are able to attend! Click on the Register button to see payment amounts!

    • Hey Nikki!

      Not at all! You can register today! We will be posting great Airfare deals from different locations throughout the year. The cost are a pretty low now and we keep an eye out for the different locations our attendees are traveling in from!

      So excited that you will be joining us! Let us know if you have any more questions!

  1. Hello. I just have some questions:
    1) If I were to choose the double occupancy option, I would pay $995?
    2) When paying $995, would that be including all meals for both people or for one person?
    3) When traveling from the airport to the Gran Melia Resort, will there be a shuttle available for this group or we would take a cab?

    • Hi!
      1) Yes, the $995 is a per person rate for double occupancy (2 in a room)
      2) Each person pays $995 and it includes 4 days, 3 nights resort stay, all meals, conference registration and conference materials
      3) While ground transportation is not included, we will be posting information on shuttles and taxis along with their rates.

      Great Questions! Note: You can register double even if you are traveling alone. You would then have three options, 1) you can talk a friend into joining you! She would just indicate your name when she registers and we would place you both in the same room, 2) we can pair you up with another AMAZING lady traveling alone or 3) you can upgrade to a single by August 30th

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